Hi, I`m Jayla!

My name is Jayla Hawkins [pictured left]. I am the owner of J2 Travel By Kueen, LLC. I am an independent travel agent as of March 2019.

I am a 21-year-old college student at Auburn University. I am an English-Literature major with a minor in Psychology. I am a published author and I published my first book, Sarmiento Sisters, in 10th grade at the age of 15, followed by my second book, Sarmiento Sisters: A Fonder Heart, in my freshman year of college at the age of 18. I am working on my second book series which is titled The Beginning Series.

I believe in adventure, smiling faces
extraordinary moments

Get adventurous with me

Meet My Family & Friends

The sweet souls who mean the world to me and have been very instrumental in contributing to my success thus far

Love The Travel Lifestyle?

I`ll help you see the world while having fun and making money! 

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